Melasma is disturbing to many people, because they make the face look dull, not bright. How much front foundation was not smooth. Today we try to know the cause. And how to treat blemishes under control and security is good.


What is the ceiling

Tooting skin is light brown to dark. Or Taupe Position the lid often face is that exposure to the sun, such as the forehead, cheekbones, nose, above the eyebrows and upper lip.


What causes skin

In addition to the work of pigment irregularities ago. When cut, the skin is translucent look to find a decomposition of collagen to quite a lot compared to normal skin. This causes the skin caused by sun exposure, hormonal changes a little heat contraceptives increase of free radicals in the body. This will stimulate the pigment to increase and the destruction of collagen under the skin.


There are many types of fog

Ceiling divided into three types based on the depth and the remedy is.

  1. Shallow fog (Epidermal type) panels on the top layer of skin. (Epidermis), the skin type is characterized by a dark brown or black and often with clear boundaries.
  2. Deep blemishes (Dermal type) panels on both the top and deeper layers of the skin. (Epidermis and dermis) of skin are usually brownish gray. The scope is unclear
  3. Capfuls (Mixed type) is a combination of both shallow and deep type of skin type is the most common type. In general, patients
    also have other blemishes. By nature and common cause, such as skin, blood, skin sun, the skin rash, skin from the drug.


Blemishes to fade and safe.

Currently, there are various ways to treat melasma. But the blemishes to disappear need to analyze the main point. And choice of treatment is not to be safe. Dark skin back up

  1. Topical: usually had good results over the cap in the lid shallow depth. Translucent shallows will gradually fade after applying two months and clearly after the drug continuously for about six months topical lid with several groups of drugs that help remove dead skin cells, the degradation of the pigment, reduces free radicals. And reduce blood vessel function The doctor will analyze the patient’s skin type and skin type to use drugs appropriately.
  2. Treatment: to push the drugs used in the treatment of melasma. Into the skin at a deeper level, we have Sevenplus clinic Melacure treatment that combines several types of medicated skin together. To veto all the mechanisms of the skin and do not cause irritation to the skin, thus helping to fade faster than applying only to maintain therapeutic effect and not a blemish to be repeated.
  3. Exfoliation: It stimulates the skin cells. Epidermis cells that are shed from the skin pigment than normal faster. Such blemishes fade area. Page brighter There are many types of cells, such as fruit acids AHA, BHA, TCA Sevenplus clinic that we have formulated White peel exfoliation substance which contains many types of cells that stimulates the renewal of skin cells. Created by dermatologist Several compounds which are optimized to work with each other. It can be a blemish on the skin directly. And do not cause irritation of the skin.
  4. Laser: The laser is used to treat a variety of skin. The laser guided and are often a popular type of laser that does not cause lesions on the skin. Make sure to choose the right energy for the skin type. The use of laser energy or improper that many people suffer from skin after laser intensity up to Sevenplus clinic we use laser removal of pigment directly. Approved by the FDA. United States And only by specialist dermatologists. Melasma can not be directly reduce the chance of recurrence.