I am certain genetic condition Which is common to both men and women. In males often begin to show signs of thinning hair when Preteen. Each person will have a pattern of hair loss. Baldness varies The female usually starts after menopause expression. There are at least partly on the age of 20-30 years have hair follicle cells in these patients. Are aged male Androgen hormones that affect the growth of hair. To regenerate hair and make the size smaller and can not conceal the scalp again. Head of hair, baldness. Be changed By adding a layer of oil on the scalp. And easy to irritate the environment. If left long day The hair will grow smaller until it becomes soft like fur of newborns. And the final stage will seem no hair left on the scalp. Invisible pores of the scalp anymore. The treatment prevents progression. And strengthen the hair from the first stage. Therefore it is extremely important And will have the benefit of providing more impressive when starting treatment early timely
treatment of genetic hair loss.

  • The use of topical hair follicle cells to grow.
  • The medication stimulates hair follicle cells. Can be used in conjunction with topical works even better. In the two
  • gs to inhibit the testosterone can catch inhibit hair growth. Need to take several months to heal. And be evaluated by a doctor that the patient response to drug interaction or not. If no response Therefore, consider the following hair transplants.