Acne is a common skin disease. Usually in the teens, by getting into a violent individual will vary. Generally, symptoms often improve upon their teens. Although acne is not a serious disease. But often psychological impact. Especially during adolescence. Such as the lack of confidence in itself. Not socialize If the license is chronic and cause a scar.

Acne Acne

What causes acne?

Our skin has sebaceous glands which do not produce oil (sebum) coating. In people with acne have found that the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Especially during adolescence, which has produced more testosterone. These hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands under the skin to produce more oil. At the same time found that the clogging of pores by sloughing of dead skin when the excess oil with obstruction
of dead skin thus causing acne (comedone) is. The open pimples (blackheads) and acne closed (whiteheads).


Also in the skin, we usually have live bacteria without causing disorder. But for people with acne, which is producing more oil. The bacteria that cause acne, Propionibacterium acnes is a type of growth than in the normal cause inflammation. Cause acne and acne pus up.


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What makes acne worse?

  • Some oral contraceptives (progestogen-only pills).
  • During the menstrual hormonal changes such close range.
  • Cosmetic use it or clog pores. It is a cause of acne. However, you can use makeup to conceal it. Choose the type that does not cause acne. (Non-comedogenic) or oil-free (oil-free).
  • Scratch picking up acne breakouts. And subsequent scarring
  • Living in damp or sweat a lot. Make acne worse
  • The clothes are too tight, such as baking or below the cap. Cloth or a forehead, under the breasts from bras that are too tight.
  • Some drugs, such as drug line to hit a mark, anticonvulsants.


Skin care for acne.

  • It does not help to clear up acne. Wash your face two times a day, morning and evening if exercise can wipe the sweat off his face. If dry skin should reduce the use of soap or cleanser, face down.
  • Wash your face with mild soap and do not rub your face. Too much scrubbing can make acne worse.
  • Avoid rubbing or catching sheep because the sheep skin can cause acne breakouts more hyperpigmentation and acne scars.
  • Most acne medications make the skin dry. If you feel that your skin is very dry skin use cream. The choice of oil-free (oil-free), does not cause acne. (Non-comedogenic), and no perfume.
  • Avoid using foundation or cosmetics containing oil. It can cause acne.
  • Should be enough rest Avoid sleeping late It causes skin inflammation


Acne Treatment

The current treatment is an effective method of ways. However, there is no way to effectively work with acne and skin blemishes of the people. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right treatment for your skin type and severity of each individual.

  1. Based topical treatment for acne. A drug used to treat many kinds of acne and acne has many effects. Some drug kills bacteria and reduces inflammation such as sterile topical ointment can reduce some types of acne, such as topical retinoids group or a derivative of vitamin A carotenoids. In most cases, the use of topical acne therapy should be used multiple drug compatibility. For better performance, and reduce infection.
  2. Drug in patients with acne inflammation, pain, swelling, acne large. Or a cyst The doctor will provide treatment with drugs such as antibiotics, birth control pills, certain kinds. Or oral vitamin A derivatives By using drugs that will be effective, but there are contraindications and side effects. Should be guided and supervised by a physician before using the drug.
  3. The procedure used to treat acne. Currently there are several treatments that can be used to treat acne effectively, as follows –   therapy shed skin cells and clogged pores using fruit acids (chemical peels), which helps. flaking skin cells clogging that causes acne (comedone) and currently has the recipe by adding a drug that improves efficiency, reduce acne, reduce inflammation and dark spots caused by acne –   a. Light therapy (light therapy) by light found to be effective in the treatment of acne is a blue light (blue light) and red light (red light), there are several research indicates that the use of blue light. (blue light therapy) is effective in treating acne. It was found that blue light can kill the bacteria causing acne P.acne. And inflammation of acne Without causing infection. Also, research has found that the use of blue light with red light (blue and red light therapy) is effective in the treatment better. It also kills the bacteria that cause acne. It also reduced the secretion of substances that stimulate inflammation. Inflammation better. Light therapy is a treatment that improves the efficiency of the original. Is the use of oral and topical medications. Or it could be an alternative for those who do not need medication. Side effects Or a prohibition on the use of drugs such as pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with acne over a wide area. Can not apply it evenly and do not want to eat.-   Laser treatment and IPL is a treatment that can help treat acne and acne and hyperpigmentation and redness of acne. The laser and IPL to release spectrum. To kill the bacteria that cause acne. And the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. In addition, the laser has the advantages of the drug was able to reduce the redness and hyperpigmentation caused by acne effectively. And some lasers can also reduce the size of the sebaceous glands of the face. It makes the skin less And reduce acne
  4. The treatment of hyperpigmentation, redness, acne, back acne, redness, hyperpigmentation, acne inflammation, often with the very heart. Typically, redness and hyperpigmentation can be cured by itself. If no new acne pills again. The length of recovery varies from person to person. In patients with acne for a long time. Or sometimes have a special opportunity to make these blemishes fade soon. Currently there are several treatments that can help reduce hyperpigmentation and redness caused by acne as follows: – Using push medicines and vitamins into the skin. Reducing the creation and The distribution of the pigment Make blemishes fade and reduce hyperpigmentation new – to apply and use sunscreen regularly. Vanishing species can help reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin, scroll down. And sunscreen Avoid direct sunlight to reduce hyperpigmentation, acne. However, there is no drug that can treat the redness from acne as well.- The use of lasers Can reduce the redness And hyperpigmentation caused by acne well. There are various types of lasers that can be used. In the second group are mainly red pimples. The choice of laser affect blood vessels. The atrophy or shrinkage of the vessels in the area, with redness. Cause redness fades The laser in this group has the advantage of no wounds after. Do not take long Do not apply lotion or injection Can return to work and normal daily activities.